Edge certificates pending validation

It’s a third time I’m disabling Universal SSL and enabling it again and waiting for more than 24 hours to get certificates for icbzm-conferences dot org domain. Still no luck. TXT DNS records looking valid. I don’t know what else to try.

Same issue in Edge Certificates (pending validation Txt) 24hr+.

At the domain registrar for the domain icbzm-conferences.org, Go Daddy, you have DNSSEC enabled, and as such DNS resolvers across the world expect that your domain’s DNS data also holds cryptographic DNSSEC signatures, and that they will validate according to the DS record set that has been set from the domain registrar.

However, within Cloudflare, you do not currently have DNSSEC enabled, and as such, Cloudflare is obviously not adding any cryptographic signatures to your domain’s DNS data, and therefore, there are validation errors while trying to access your domain.

You have the following options to solve your problem:

→ If you want to have your domain’s DNS data to be protected with DNSSEC, do this:

  1. Enable DNSSEC within Cloudflare:

  2. Follow Go Daddy’s instructions here:
    Add a DS record | Domains - GoDaddy Help US
    → Delete all existing records you might see under Go Daddy’s page for DNSSEC settings.
    → Add a new one (typically using “dsData”) here, which MUST be a 100% match to the details you see in your Cloudflare account.

NOTE: Alone enabling DNSSEC within Cloudflare (e.g. #1) will NOT be sufficient, if the data that Go Daddy holds is NOT a 100% match to what the Cloudflare page says. The details Cloudflare ask you to add will be shown when you expand the view by clicking on the "DS Record → " on the Cloudflare link above.

→ If you do not want your domain’s DNS data to be protected with DNSSEC, you can disable it:

  1. Turn DNSSEC on or off | Domains - GoDaddy Help US

After making any of the changes to through Go Daddy, please be advised that it may take between 48-96 hours to fully propagate worldwide, which neither Cloudflare, Go Daddy, nor anyone else can expedite.

Thanks. I’ll try to solve it this way