Edge Certificates pending more than 48h

A lot of time has passed and the domain is still pending approval.
I have a certificate for a domain from www, while for a domain without www no certificate can be issued

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare, so Cloudflare wont issue the certificate. You need to change the nameservers first.

To confirm, is this a CNAME setup with the business plan?

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It’s free plan.

So, why domain with www have certificate?

Maybe your domain was once on Cloudflare. I really dont want to speculate.

Right now your domain does not point to Cloudflare and hence will be removed soon. Change your nameservers and make sure your Cloudflare setup is proper.

How did you actually sign up for Cloudflare? Directly or via your host?

I’m register via Insert host. I have shop on vendero system.

Not who your host is, but how you signed up for Cloudflare.

I registered via vendero from insert.

In that case you are on a partner setup and your host will be responsible for that. You need to contact them.

Ok, thanks for help.

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