Edge certificates not being generated for some domains

Some of my domains do not show an Edge Certificate created for them, they all end with _stage suffix.

Which results in ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH when visiting them.

Even though they’re proxied, there is no Edge certificate generated for them. Could it be an issue on the Cloudflare side?

Can you give one of the domain names?



Ah, it actually contains an underscore.

As underscores can be used in DNS, but not in host names, SSL certificates can’t be generated for them. Use a dash instead.

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Yes it works with dashes. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is strange, it’s the first time I notice this issue.

Is there an explanation for this? I’m using Google Trusted services, would it act the same with Let’s Encrypt?

No CAs will issue SSL certificates with underscores…

Wow, thanks a lot for the info!

I feel like I broke the law of a UN resolution :smile:

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