Edge Certificates: Letsencrypt instead of Cloudlfares Cert

Hey there,

the bot is giving me an autmated message everytime i try to reach you guys via the ticket system.

I have multiple websites in your free plan, all exepect one websites get Cloudflare Universal SSL certificates only one newly added website gets an letsencrypt cert for 3 Month.

I did put two screenshots so you can see what i mean:

On my serverside all the settings are the same, so i dont get why on this one website it doesnt get the cloudflare cert…

cloudflare working cert:
letsencrypt cert:

Thank you for your answers in advance.

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The “Cloudflare” one is actually DigiCert. Cloudflare uses both, so it’s somewhat random which you’ll get. They both work equally well.

Is something not working?

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Not really, i was just courious, on all other 15+ sites and subdomains we have Cloudflare shown but on this single site it just shows letsencrypt. Everything is working fine.
Any chance i can manage that in the free plan on what to get and what not?

If you want to choose a particular CA, you need to subscribe to ACM. But it should not really make any difference.


Thank you for the information, i can live with that :slight_smile:

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