Edge Certificates Issue with Newly Added Websites

detourgrillandbar dot com
redstavernstl dot com

I have searched/Googled for an answer, and I’m unable to find or understand the correct answer.

Cloudflare Diagnostic Center indicates the following errors:
Check DNSSEC configuration
Check DS record configuration
Check if redirecting unencrypted HTTP traffic works
Check the site for mixed content

After updating the DNS to Cloudflare’s NS, I get a lock in the browser, but the site does not look right, and all of my images aren’t displaying.

I cannot attach a screenshot as I’ve disabled “Always use HTTPS” for now.

Did your site work fine on HTTPS before without Cloudflare? If not, then that’s the issue and you’d need to fix the site first. Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to properly secure the site. Once it loads fine, Cloudflare will work as well.

Your site is loading some resources (some scripts and images) via http rather than https.

Right, it does seem as if your site is not properly configured.

So you really best pause Cloudflare for now and talk to your host to fix that.

Hi there, it looks to me you’ve already added the site to Cloudflare. The DNS propagation is almost done. Check DNSchecker site. However, you might have paused the service. Therefore, there is no https Lock. Secondly, it is possible that the previous installed ssl is clashing if you had installed one. So, you may have to remove it from the hosting panel. Else, it is also possible the wrong configuration in Cloudflare.

The problem is not Cloudflare but the insecure server configuration, but that was already mentioned.

And no, the OP has not paused Cloudflare and there can’t be a certificate conflict either. Please don’t mislead the OP.

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