Edge Certificates issue error blacklist_browser

i setup a new domain but cloudlfare not issue a edge certificate, it show error:
reported as a potetial risk:blacklist_browser

it’s a new domain why it’s in black list ? is there a way to unlock ?

Trust and Safety will most likely have issues with that domain name. I don’t expect it to get better any time soon.

Yes, but why it block for nothing , i never had this domain , the certificates are emitted directly by Cloudflare or another company ? i need to contact to remove in blacklist

Lots of Certificate Authorities block certain phrases which are highly likely to be used in Phishing or similar attempts at passing off.

Unless you are Google, you are likely to have your use of that particular domain challenged pretty quickly. There are several WIPO cases relating to that brand name, and Google have won them all. Probably not worth the effort!


I understand, but for example let’s encrypt issued it to me without problems on my server. and then why suppose that I do damage to google with that domain. it’s just a stupid guess. if the domain is free why should I bother google and why didn’t they buy it? it is not correct to assume a violation. there is no violation. who issues the certificates?

.film is a TLD under Australian jurisdiction. Google most likely has a respective trademark registered there and, if that is the case, you’d be in violation of that trademark, regardless of your own location.

Personal advice, do not use domains where it is obvious that you will be violating someone’s trademark.


Cloudflare use various CAs, typically DigiCert and LE.

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After writing support they switch me From Digicert to LE and now it’s solved

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