Edge Certificates always showing ‘Pending Validation’

Hi, Everyone.
In my Cloudflare dashboard, the Edge Certificate always showing the certificate as ‘Pending Validation’ rather than ‘Active’, It’s happend several days.
I have delete my domain from Cloudflare them add again, but the problem is still;
I have disable universal ssl them enable again, but the problem is still;
I have opened a ticket, there is no reply except the bot.
How can I solve the problem?
The domain is:u3l.cn

Do you have full (strict) enabled, you should!

Also, I notice that your site doesn’t support HTTPS

When I continue to your site, I’m given the following error

The error DNS_PROBE_FINSHED_NXDOMAIN means that the domain could not be found! So your site could be reached! Is the site active on Cloudflare yet? Have you changed your nameservers recently? If so, those changes can take up to 72 hours to fully progate! If you have not changed your nameservers yet, the following link gives steps on how to do that (see below)

What about your nameservers? Have you changed them recently (within the past 72 hours)? If so, it may be a while before the changes fully propagate! If you have not changed your nameservers (or don’t know how to), then follow the instructions on Changing Cloudflare Namesevers

Thanks for your attention. @AppleSlayer
Yes, My SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full.
Yes, The domain is active on Cloudflare.
Yes, I have changed nameservers to Cloudflare.

How recently? Have you changed them within the past 72 hours?

I have never chang my nameservers recently, I always use Cloudflare.
But my domain is too much, so that I find the problem recently.

What do you mean?

Mens I can’t tell the exact time that the problem happens.

As @AppleSlayer already pointed out

that’s not the mode you should have and you should change that to Full Strict. Right now you have an insecure site.

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