Edge Certificate

I have a trouble about Edge Certificates. Can you help me? Thank you


If the error in the screenshot of a screenshot is still there you should probably contact support by using the Support tab -> Get more help in your dashboard.

That seems to be an error while the certificates are being deployed though. Check back in a bit.

they may ask you if you have more info, but you should talk to them.

I did it… they asked me so:

" Note that when you sign-up for Cloudflare, we will issue certificates for you, provisioned at our network edge. Providing any DNS records needing SSL support are orange-clouded, we will proxy HTTPS traffic for you.

After running some tests, I can see that Cloudflare has successfully provisioned our “Universal SSL” offering on your zone. Firstly please note that these certificates will only cover a single level of subdomains ( *.example.com, but not . .example.com):

Should you need a certificate which covers multi-level sub-domains, you can purchase a Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames, where you can declare any multi-level subdomains during purchase. If you have trouble purchasing a Dedicated SSL Certificate, feel free to respond to this ticket with details.

If you would rather use your own certificate than a Universal SSL certificate that we provision, you will need to upgrade to our Business Plan and upload a Custom Certificate.

Please note that Cloudflare does not offer “Extended Validation” certificates at this time, if you wish to use one, you will need to purchase one separately and upload it to your Cloudflare account using the Custom SSL upload."

but I don’t understand… sorry but for me it’s the first time. Have I to make an upgrade?
Thank you so much

You most likely didn’t explain it well (or it was an automated message), since that is an error in the dashboard and not one in the website.

Your website is also not working. There have been some threads here about ClickFunnels, just search.

Thank you so much Matteo!

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