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I’ve decided to start over literally from scratch and also decided to switch to a different web host. While I wasn’t sure if there’s anything I needed to do in CloudFlare’s end but I ended up deleting my website here, assuming I can always re-add later after the dust settles. And so now I did re-add the website back to CloudFlare, but it seems like I got the same exact instance except without the Edge certificate – in which it says “Authorizing”, and it’s been nearly 24 hours.

Did I just lose my Edge certificate since deleting the previous Cloudflare registration of my website? Tell me if I screwed up but I hope I didnt, and if I did, what can I do to get my Edge certificate back?


You didn’t screw up, but sometimes SSL activation gets jumbled up. If 24 hours passes and it’s still “Authorizing,” then open up a Support Ticket here and give them some to respond. I’m sorry it’s going to feel like it’s taking forever, but jammed SSL takes a couple of days to straighten out.


Good enough. Thanks man!

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