Edge certificate status under verification

Pls help me it’s been almost 24 hours my status says active but still under my edge certificate the status is pending verification. How long does it take to make the status active under


I am having the same issue it’s about 24 hours did your status got updated to active?

I just checked it again and I am still getting the same status - Pending Validation. Hopefully someone can help us or inform us that this gets verified in time? Let me know if you get this resolved on your end as well.

I tried tagging every team of cloudflare on Twitter as well but they are not replying. :frowning: Neither they are responding to mail. Really disappointed :frowning:

Yeah I’m not sure why. Maybe our topic is not so interesting? We can’t be the only ones with this problem.

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I tried searching on Google regarding “cloudflare edge certificate pending validation” this seems to be prblm with many but can’t find any solution cloudflare why are you doing this to us :confused::confused:

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Perhaps, it’s because we were all away talking about how to fix this exact issue on cloudflare.tv!

If you share your ticket number I can take a look at it, but the best tip for certificates was just covered 10 minutes ago on cloudflare.tv, https://community.cloudflare.com/t/communitytip-getting-started-with-cloudflare-the-community/188953:

Also, did a quick:

Found this with some other ideas:

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Thanks for the info! I’m new here so still looking for the ticket number.

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My ticket number is 1922351. My domain is rizabhandari.com.np pls look into my case. I have
already updated my name server :pray:

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For rizabhandari.com.np, looks like the nameservers were just confirmed a dozen hours ago, if it is not provisioned after 24 hours, try the toggle approach.

Hi @chiacchim, I did a bit of digging and see you’re on a partial partner setup that for some reason does not support our free universal ssl, good thread here, Cloudflare not creating new SSL Certificates and tons of other posts wrt the same issue. Solution is to sign up directly via cf and drop the partner OR do whatever the partner wants you to do to enable ssl on your site. Really sorry for the issues with that.

Ok I will surely read that thread you posted and get in touch with my partner to see if they can to enable the ssl, which I do have. I will contact them now. Thanks for all your help. Greatly appreciated!!!

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