Edge Certificate Renewal Error

So I go this email saying that I needed to Renew my SSL certificate for my website:

My domain name registrar is on ASmallOrange, and I contacted them about the CNAME, but they said to check with my hosting provider SiteGround. So I went to SiteGround & tried adding the CNAME overthere:

But when I tried to validate the CNAME, I still got an error message from Cloudflare. How do I fix this??

Check out this post

So does that mean I don’t need to do anything & let that certificate expire? This is what it shows on my Cloudflare account:

Correct. That hostname is not proxied by Cloudflare, so there’s no need to validate it.

I suppose you could add that CNAME record just to see what happens. Again, there’s really nothing else you need to do.


Thank you so much! Last question, if this certificate is going to expire, then I can take that CNAME I added recently off of siteground right?

Much Obliged!!!

EDIT: It looks like adding the CNAME to siteground did something!

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