Edge Certificate not showing up for Subdomain

Problem: Edge Certificate not showing.
What I did:
-I created a CNAME record for my subdomain releases.felipeh-music.com that is pointing to domains.hypedditcom.

  • I have changed the nameservers on subdomain level with my registrar Strato (not on the root domain since this stops my website from working)
  • The connection is working but it’s not secured by cloudflare (which leads to security warnings for some)
  • SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to Full
  • There is no certificate showing up even after a long wait. How could I resolve this?

    Thanks in advance!

While a certificate was issued for that domain about 6 weeks ago, the domain is not currently using Cloudflare nameservers. At the bottom of the Edge Certificates tab, are Universal Certificates active?

Hi michael, yes they’re active (at least it shows the option to Disable Universal SSL)

Not sure what you changed, but neither felipeh-music.com or releases.felipeh-music.com appear to have anything connecting them to Cloudflare. If you are on a CNAME setup, then you would create a CNAME in your authoritative DNS for releases.felipeh-music.com pointing to releases.felipeh-music.com.cdn.cloudflare.net.

Thanks for your help michael! I meant that I changed the namerservers so that they are pointing to cloudflare (as prompted on the DNS management page of cloudflare, in my case andronicus.ns.cloudflare.com).
I will try your suggestion, wondering if it will still forward to domains.hypeddit.com

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