Edge certificate for my site still show status Pending Validation


It has been about 8 - 9 hours since I migreated my site, ps2pdf.com, from CloudFront to CloudFlare. But it still shows Pending Validation under Edge certificate for the site.

Couple of community articles have suggested disabling and re-enabling Universal SSL. I tried this method but status is still the same.

Is it possible to show some kind of ETA on that screen? It feels like I am indefinitely waiting.

If anyone knows, please let me know how long this process usually takes?

i remember reading somewhere that it can take up to 24 hrs for the universal SSL to be issued. It used to take a few mins or so in the past, but recently its been taking very long - like 10+hrs. (at least for me, on free tier sites)

Not sure if the vol. of signups is v. high or something in the process is broken.

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Actually, got approved email like hour ago. Thank you for the reply

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