Edge certificate for custom hostname


I have a SaaS solution and my customers (B2B) can access my application using their own subdomain. Instead of app.my-company.com the app is available through me.client-company.com.

To make it work I use Cloudflare “Custom hostnames” which fallback to app.my-company.com.

On the server of app.my-company.com I need to have a certificate corresponding to me.client-company.com otherwise I can’t use “Full (strict)” mode in cloudflare.

On the edge certificates pages I saw

“To get a dedicated certificate with custom hostnames. place a certificate order.”
I tried that but I can’t have a certificate for my custom hostnames only a subdomain of my DNS zone.

Is there any way to have a cloudflare edge certificate for Custom Hostnames that are not on my zone ?



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