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Hi, I have two websites, both pointing at Cloudflare, both hosted in the same server, both issued with a LetsEncrypt SSL on the origin server. However, 1 is secure and one is not… the secure site shows an sni.cloudflaressl.com on Google Chrome, the other with has an SSL error, is showing the LE cert… other than this difference, all configuration is exactly the same…

Does anyone know how I get the Root CA Certificate to update?



Is your version of Chrome up to date? Is your OS up to date?

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Hi Michael, I’m not sure how that’s relevant, as 1 site is working and another is not!? If it were a browser / os issue, then neither would work…. What I’d like, is the for the site with the invalid msg to be assigned the cloudflare CA certificate, but I can’t seem to figure out how this is done!?

Please have a look at this How to regenerate my edge certificates

Hi Tom,

Yes, I’ve seen this, but it doesn’t really answer the question. If using the Cloudflare Edge Certificate resolves the issue, then that is going to be more effective than telling ‘joe public’ to update their OS….

As asked, is there a way we can manually update the Edge Cert, so it automatically uses the CF Service?



TKlein Cloudflare Team
October 4

Please have a look at this How to regenerate my edge certificates

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