Edge Cert Status : Deleted - 36hrs passed

Hello CF Community,

Fairly new here, just looking to see if else have experienced what I’m currently experiencing. I have reset my Edge Cert/Universal SSL by disabling and enable it. After disabling it, I waited about 25-30 mins before re-enabling it but after I did, what came up is a certificate that is in “Deleted” status. Now I understand this might take awhile so I’ve been checking here and there and now more than 36hrs and still have the same status and my site is inaccessible with this error

any input is much appreciated.

I think this is something that requires investigation from the Cloudflare Team. I’ve escalated your post to their attention.

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Thank you @erictung, much appreciated.

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Thanks @erictung !

Hi @pathavyer could you open a ticket with Support and share the number of the ticket here?

Hi @rapha, Thank you. I have opened a ticket yesterday and was promptly told to connect with the community and marked the ticket as resolved, I’m not sure if its still accessible from your end but here is the ticket number: 2199245

Thanks! The ticket is still accessible and I will follow up there.

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I see there has been an update on your ticket which appears to have resolved your case. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions or issues.