Edge cache files duration

I’m with the PRO plan. My CF serves static HTML files.
I understand that files on the edge cache will be updated from the origin according to the edge cache TTL that I set as a page rule.
Are files sometimes removed from the edge cache before the TLL?
If so does upgrading from PRO to Business plan will change this behavior?

Yes. Quite often, actually, as rarely-used resources will be evicted to make room for frequently-used resources.

Probably a little, but not worth the price of the upgrade in my opinion.

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Thanks, does upgrading to business plan disables files eviction from the edge cache (except TTL eviction)?

No, not even Enterprise guarantees that. Obviously less frequent, but not worth it just for that.

If files are small(ish) it might be cheaper to implement a custom caching with KV and Workers.

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Is there a way to measure how long it takes for a page to be evicted from the cache?

There are ways to do logging and analytics, but that’s only helpful after the fact. And every edge node is its own cache. You’d have to track every resource across every datacenter. And it’s not a consistent eviction rate.

Most people just watch their aggregated cache analytics, but you can get better cache analytics on paid plans. It still doesn’t report down to the data center level, though.

Thanks, I don’t need exact data, just to know an estimation.

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I think CF should display such value.
There is a big difference if cache is evicted after 5min or 10hours.

Which value? A full log of every cached resource you have and how long it was stored in each of the 200+ data center caches?

This blog post is the best explanation cache priority I’ve ever seen:

I guess that CF can display an average value.
Also I guess that some customers will be willing to pay more for larger eviction time and better performance.

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