Edge and Explorere not working after setting TLS to v1.3


When I set the " Minimum TLS Version" in my Cloudflare settings on v1.3 MS Edge and Explorer do not show my (WP) website on berart.nl and returns an error. Does anybody know why this is? On Chrome there is no problem …

Thx in advance,

1.3 generally shouldnt be chosen yet, its still not everywhere supported.

Also, which Edge version? As of version 79 it should be supported.

As @sandro said, the minimum TLS version should be at least v1.2, not 1.3. You can go lower if required for some reason, but it’s not usually needed. TLSv1.3 is support on all newer browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge (after the switch to Chromimium). Edge before than and Internet Explorer will never get support as they are deprecated.

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