Ecwid Unable to process payment

It appears that since I added Cloudflare to my site (to make it https) my integrated ecwid shopping cart will not allow payment to be submitted. I tried disabling rocket loader in Cloudflare and also added a tag “data-cfasync=“false”” in the script call for ecwid (to ignore rocket loader) but neither do the trick. I have customers emailing they cannot checkout. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Well, can you complete an order? And if not, where and how does it fail? You need to debug that.

I get to the pay/submit button and it has Unable to connect to payment gateway.

That description is not much more helpful in determining if Cloudflare is involved. You need to debug where it stops and for what reason. You said it started with HTTPS, so it might be a mixed content issue.

I’m not familiar with how to debug things like this. I write html and css and used ecwid for a plug and play solution. I have not run into issues till I switched over to Cloudflare. I was hoping for some guidance in how to resolve.

Time to get familiar with it :wink:

Again, it might be a mixed content issue and searching for that you would find a lot on that, but there is no guarantee that is the actual issue.

The forum is primarily for Cloudflare related issues, not general web development questions. The chance is relatively slim that this is Cloudflare related and if you said it happened after you enabled HTTPS it might be aforementioned mixed content issue, but that would still not be Cloudflare but HTTPS related.

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