Ecommerce EV SSL certificate and Cloudflare


I am managing two new ecommerce sites. We wish to install a green EV SSL certificate on our sites and make it compatible with Cloudflare. The information is somewhat confusing to me, would a Cloudflare supplied edge SSL certificate offer the same kind of consumer confidence ? Does it replace the EV SSL certificate on the webserver ? Does it work in tandem ? I love cloudflare but the jargon around all of the services makes it hard to understand.
Can anyone offer any assistance / comment ?


Oh…here’s some assistance from a couple of genuine experts. Short version…don’t bother with EV.

In your situation, if you really want those EV certs to show up for your visitors, you’ll need a Business Plan where you can install your own certificates.

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So a solid SSL edge cert from Cloudflare should be just fine then ?


As the articles say, consumers really won’t know one from the other. And Cloudflare’s free certs perform just as well as paid certs.