ECDSA certificates not impacted by Let's Encrypt certificate chain change?


We received an email about the upcoming Let’s Encrypt certificate chain change.

At some point, it states that "Additionally, this change only impacts RSA certificates. It does not impact ECDSA certificates issued through Let’s Encrypt. ECDSA certificates will maintain the same level of compatibility that they have today. "

We checked the certificate used when browsing to our website, and the signature algorithm is “X9.62 ECDSA Signature with SHA-384”.

Does that mean that we are not affected by the change in any possible way?

Or is it that since we are using Universal SSL, Cloudflare might change the certificate at any moment, and might issue an RSA one in replacement?

Thanks in advance for the help!

The Let’s Encrypt change only effects ancient devices like those running Android 7.1.1 and older. You can learn what certificate types are available here.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately I don’t see how this relates to my question.

We are well aware that the change only impacts old devices.

Did you read the information contained at relevant link in my reply? It has the answers to your questions about certificate types and how your subscription affects which types are issued.

We did. As mentioned, it doesn’t answer our question at all. Maybe you misunderstood what we asked?

Clearly. I read a post where you asked about how to determine what certificate types may be used by Cloudflare to secure your site. My answer included a link to an explicit breakdown of certificate types used by subscription plan. If that is not what you need, then I have no idea what you are asking.

Hopefully someone else will know what you really meant and can offer you a satisfactory reply.

Our first question was whether we are impacted by the change, given our current certificate.

Our second question, if the answer to the first is “no”, was whether this can change in the future or not.

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