EasyEngine, Let's Encrypt, Cloudflare not working on a same place


I am using EasyEngine with Let’s Encrypt SSL and Cloudflare is setup for the same domain.
when i am update or create ssl for the site it won’t work.

even i pause the Cloudflare service and try to renew/install the ssl, nothing working for me.

Few people saying LE ssl not updating on a Cloudflare enable domain. What must i do ?

Please help.

Here’s a very detailed description for this issue:


This should help you out.
Please let me know if it worked for you. I’ve to renew in a few weeks :grin:

But deactivating CF for this domain (:grey:) should be fine as well? :thinking:

@MarkMeyer thanks

we are using EasyEngine, where we can automatic install/renew LE SSL.
when the Cloudflare is enable LE can’t able to install/renew.
it showing the error

Unable to setup, Let’s Encrypt
Please make sure that your site is pointed to
same server on which you are running Let’s Encrypt Client
to allow it to verify the site automatically.

its not working even after disable the Cloudflare.

what should i do now ?

I don’t know if it is possible but maybe they are ignoring the TTL and cache the record for a longer period.

If you deactivate CF (:grey:) a lookup shows the origin IP. To be honest, I’ve no experience with this. I’ve requested the certificate before I did set the Record to :orange: in the past.

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