EASYADS.EU problem with retrieving images

I was wondering if anyone had a problem with easyads.

I have a webshop in Wordpress+Woocommerce
it is hosted on Siteground.
easyads is a software that delivers the products to google merchant, Bol.com, and others.
What happens is that the product information is getting in to Easyads, but it does not get the images of the products. Easyads told me that the problem was that I was using Cloudflare.
Are there any users that had a similar problem in the past.
I hope someone could help me out.
Thank you in advance

Hm, could be due to the setup of the Cloudflare SSL option?
Moreover, where are your images hosted (origin)?

hi fritexvz thanks to look at this topic.

They are hosted on siteground

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