Easy Digital Downloads block

We have setup EDD (easy digital downloads) Plugin on Cloudflare.

ABOUT EDD (easy digital downloads) Plugin:

  • This plugin allows user to buy any PRO plugin/theme from site.
  • When any user purchase any plugin/theme, they will get security key.
  • User can verify/active/deactivate key from their server to our server (Cloudflare). We are using curl for that.
  • If user has activated key successfully than they will get regularly update from server (Cloudflare).

We are facing below issue:

  • Cloudflare is blocking external request. so user is not able to get any notification and updates from server.
  • We have setup same code other server. where it is working fine.
  • What kind of changed do we need to apply Cloudflare so. It will not block any external request.

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