Easily Adding Txt Record

We want our users to add a TXT record for their domain to prove ownership (standard verification method).

However, we realized that some users are struggling with adding DNS records.

Is there any way to make it easier?

For example, can use some one-click action to add this TXT record for their domain?

I couldn’t find detailed information but I used a link something like below to add a TXT record for one of my domains.


I think your best bet is probably to create a small website for your users, where they can enter your desired inputs, and then you can import it through API


or let them upload a text file somewhere to your system and then you do something with it.

I guess you have to get a bit creative here.

Thank you but generating an API key much more complex. We have other options such as uploading a HTML file.

Are there any other way to create TXT record easily?

Not really. You need your customer to prove they own their domain by making a change to their DNS, so that obviously needs to be secure. This will require that they authenticate with their DNS provider, who may not even be Cloudflare.

I understand your motivation for a “one-click” solution, but there really isn’t a way to make that happen.

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