Easiest/cheapest way to download access log for a specific path?


I got a little app that check a few files on my site and it would really interesting getting those log entries to get some specific usage analytics.

Is there a way to just download access logs matching a certain pattern?
or even download all the access logs then I can filter locally ?

I tried logstash etc. but they all require paying additional $$$ for storage I won’t need.
i.e. logstash seem to require I pay for google datastorage subscription just to download a few hundred lines of data per day.

Would love to just get a daiily dump of the access.log stored in my dropbox or google drive :slight_smile:

Any ideas ?

Access logs are only available on enterprise plans. I have not seen a way with Enterprise Logs to only retrieve a particular path, you have to retrieve all the logs, and then filter yourself, and expending on your traffic levels that can resemble a firehose of data.

The closest I have found is to use a Firewall rule in simulate mode (again, an Enterprise feature), to match the path, and download the firewall_events dataset.