Early Hints still won't work



After this incident Early Hints won’t recover. I’v tried turn it off and on again, purge cache on url but no luck.


In response headers I have link header

link: <https://img.eobuwie.cloud>; rel=preconnect

Before this incident I’v got 103 and then 200

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Hi @sylwester.luczak,

Can you log a ticket for Support to investigate further?

Please post the ticket number in this thread, and/or tag a Team member/MVP to escalate if I do not pick this up in time (I have an upcoming hospital visit).

Thank you.

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TIL how to create ticket in CF - thanks :slight_smile:

Ticket ID: 2962366

I’m seeing the same error too!

Plese see Early Hints and Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) are currently disabled globally

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