Early hints on non-HTML content

Cloudflare’s Early Hints “Optimization” sends the “nginx-ssl early hints” to a part of my website that is not reference by any preconnect header.

A request through Cloudflare such as:
curl https://example.com/api/sample
Will return two requests to the nginx webserver at the same exact time. - - [09/Apr/2023:12:16:16 +0000] “GET /api/sample HTTP/1.1” 502 166 “https://example.org/” “curl/7.81.0” - - [09/Apr/2023:12:16:16 +0000] “GET /api/sample HTTP/1.1” 502 166 “-” “nginx-ssl early hints”

Is there any fix to this or is this a bug?
Turning off early hints seems to work but I would like it to remain enabled.

Early Hints is a ON/OFF feature. The API does not have any endpoint where you can tinker any more than enabling/disabling it for a given zone (domain and subdomain).

From the documentation:


Early Hints is currently only supported over HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.

Early Hints are only generated and cached:

  • For URIs with .html, .htm, or .php file extensions, or no file extension
  • On 200, 301, or 302 response return codes
  • When the response contains link headers with preconnect or preload rel types, such as Link: </img/preloaded.png>; rel=preload

Since response code and link headers will only be known too late in the process, that leaves us with a couple of possible workarounds, if disabling Early Hints for your API is a must (other than, perhaps, a Cloudflare Worker):

  1. Disable HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 on the Network panel of Cloudflare dashboard; which is bad because it will impact your site’s speed, as well as because it’s documented as a temporary limitation; or
  2. Rename your API paths so that it contains a file extension other than .html, .htm or .php (for instance, /api/sample.json, or /api/sample.txt), not necessarily desirable given other collateral effects (content-type, CORS policy etc.).

PS: I haven’t tested either one.

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If you have full control over the API origin server, why not program it to not return the preload/preconnect headers under certain request types? So a simple one would be if useragent of the request to /api/sample contains curl remove or do not add a preload/preconnect header.

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cbrant is correct. the api does not return any headers other than those that are required for http/1.0, so content type, length, status, etc. The solution is to either ignore the early hints to the api or provide it with a different extension

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