Early Hints Fonts are Revalidated

I’ve set up and enabled Early Hints for some stylesheets, scripts and fonts.

The scripts and styles are working great, but for some reason an extra request is made to revalidate each font file after the document arrives with the 200. These each get a 304 so nothing is transferred, but it delays how soon the font is available.

The header link value is:
</fonts/Montserrat/Bold/Montserrat-Bold.woff2>; as=font; crossorigin=anonymous; rel=preload; type=font/woff2.

Here it is happening in WebPageTest on Chrome 103.

I’m unsure if this is a problem with Cloudflare, Chrome or my header values. I’ve messed with the crossorigin and type values trying a few combinations but behaviour doesn’t change.

Has anyone successfully early hinted a webfont?

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