Early hints + CF Worker = Googlebot crawl issue

I have a Cloudflare worker which does a number of things including edge caching of my content.

I recently opted in to the early hints beta.

I’ve noticed that when both my worker and the early hints beta are active, whilst the site works fine, requests from the Googlebot seem to have issues. Specifically, trying to validate a URL (either using Google’s rich results tool or the Google search console tool) doesn’t work, and I’ve noticed that response time for Google crawl in search console has gone from a few hundred ms to tens of seconds.

Wondering if anyone else running early hints (with or without a worker) has run into any google crawl issues? Disabling early hints and fully purging my CF cache solved the issue.

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I also experienced the same problems with the Early Hints beta, as well as other problems related to Google Ads bot, Google Search Console flagging all my pages as unreachable and deindexing them, etc.

I have filed a ticket with Cloudflare last week and they responded that they are working with Google to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, the problem got so severe for me, that I had to turn off the beta.


Yes, I had to disable it too, which solved all the issues with Google. There’s a longer discussion here with other people who had the same issue. Disabling early hints and clearing my cloudflare cache solved the problem for me. I won’t be turning it back on in a hurry :wink: