Early domain release for WordPress hosting


I’d like to point my domain to Bluehost to create a Wordpress site, but I’m unable to do anything because I’ve not been with Cloudflare for the 60-day-requirement. Is there a way that this can be bypassed? I thought Cloudflare would allow Wordpress hosting, but I was mistaken. :upside_down_face:

I will be keeping Cloudflare because it’s awesome, so at least there’s that.

Tried contacting customer support. Ticket [#2436125]

domain: stephenanfield.com
interest: owner
expected result: hopefully get early release, so I can point domain to Bluehost
actual results: just chillin’ :upside_down_face:
error: n/a

Many thanks for taking a look!

Typically there’s no need to change who hosts your DNS to consume a service like WordPress hosting. The host of your website and DNS don’t need to be the same with a couple of minor exceptions like WIX.

When you sign up they’ll tell you where to point the DNS entry for your website in your existing DNS.


Thanks a lot for the quick response! :+1:t5:

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