Early Access Opportunity - Cloudflare Waiting Room, Business Plan Customers

Maintaining a seamless customer experience during traffic spikes is a key objective for organizations across industries, be it e-commerce or banking. This objective becomes even more important during this crisis as your online presence is the only way for you to reach your customers. But not all traffic spikes are bad for business. While some spikes in traffic are caused by malicious attacks, such as DDoS attacks, others could be caused by sudden increase in legitimate traffic.

There are multiple things that organizations can put in place to handle the spikes, such as add more servers or buy more compute and storage, or get a CDN and a load balancer etc. However, one problem continues to remain unsolved — what if despite all the above efforts, the origins get inundated with legitimate requests.

In the absence of a scalable infrastructure or appropriate planning, such a situation could prove detrimental to business — resulting in downtime, poor user experience, and higher costs due to increased burden on origins.

Cloudflare Waiting Room
Cloudflare Waiting Room helps organizations deal with legitimate traffic spikes in two ways: limiting the amount of traffic that origins get, while placing excess users in a waiting room and queueing them.

Like everything else that we do, we make waiting rooms simple as well. Our waiting room is DNS-based and seamlessly integrates with our core performance and security solutions — CDN, DDoS protection, and Bot Management.

We are inviting 5 business plan customers for the early access to our Waiting Room product. Please let us know if you’re interested, http://cfl.re/waitingroom and we’ll get you started. This is for customers on Business plans and is limited to the first 5 respondents.