EAE Wrapper link not working in Edge

We’re experiencing that we can’t open links on the website from certain browsers e.g. edge.
The problem is that we use a wrapper link developed by “elementor addon elements” (EAE). When we insert this wrapper link on e.g. a box it can’t open in some browsers. When we remove the wrapper link (links on a section in Elementor, a feature in EAE), and insert it on just a button it works fine.
We have other sites which have the same setting and here it works completely fine. The difference is that bedbible.com is set up through Cloudflare, and therefore we think it’s a hosting challenge.
I’ve attached a screenshot that explains the problem better.
Look forward to hearing from you.

I am afraid that’s not a Cloudflare issue as it does not work either when loading your site directly from your server. You can easily check that by pausing Cloudflare (the search will have details on that). You’ll need to discuss this with your developer.

Also, for me none of the links work.

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