E-mails not getting to GMail

Suddenly all e-mails sent to gmail addresses are not going through. I created the DKIM and SPF DNS records requested. There are no bounce back notices either. I cannot reach Cloudflare support, if such an entity exists. Thanks for any help.

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What is the domain?

What exactly do you see under the “Activity Log” on this page?


Each entry there should be able to be expanded, to see extended error information.


Sorry - I do not see where to find the Activity Log

Your SPF record has ?all, should be -all or ~all. It also seems to allow a very large IP range to send email for your domain.

What DKIM record did you set?

The mail and mx subdomains are proxied - if you use that for email clients or your MX record you should change it to DNS only.

You should probably check with your email provider for the correct settings to make.

As the thread was put in the Email Routing category, I was under the impression you would be using the Cloudflare Email Routing.

As it appears you don’t, you don’t have to worry here.

That is typical for most (if not all) hosting providers, e.g. “allow all of our IP space, even if only a minimum of it is being used for outbound email”.


I was told they are using Cloudflare for e-mail. However, I do not know how to reach anyone for support.

The DKIM record is
Type: CNAME Name: dkim._domainkey Content: cur.dkim.v.eigmail.net

That record is currently proxied and is returning Cloudflare IPs:

dig +short dkim._domainkey.lisaruggieri.com

You need to change that to DNS-only.