E-Mail Routing Problem


Our mail server address is mail.domain.tld but CF suggestion is domain.tld. For this reason E-Mail Routing is not working. How can I adjust this settings for mail.domain.tld ?


Unless your question about the Cloudflare Email Routing product, you would normally create an MX record for your email domain (example.com) that points to your inbound mail server (mail.example.com).


Thanks for your reply. My question about Cloudflare Email Routing. CF drop incoming mail, I can see Dashboard and cannot be deliver orjinal route. And I cannot create a mail also, because not accept same zone mail.

I need to hide mail mx and txt records with this feature. Othervise everyone see mail server ip address.

With CF’s Email Routing you cannot use any other email service at the same time. It sounds like you have conflicting existing email DNS records that are preventing Email Routing from working properly. I suggest you:

  1. temporarily disable Email Routing
  2. make sure all of your existing email DNS records are removed
  3. re-enable Email Routing, which will create the necessary new DNS records