E-Mail Routing not getting activated

I activated E-Mail Routing for one of my domains yesterday and also verified the destination address.

However the DNS did not get updated and there is no MX or anything related to Email forwarding configured. Also every time I go to Email routing the status page loads for a few milliseconds and then disappears again and shows the “Get Started” page for it.

Seems the setup process of E-Mail Routing is not working currently. Anyone else having issues?

I was able to resolve this issue. I assume it happened because I had another MX record set at the time that I first activated the E-Mail Routing for that Domain. No error or warning has been shown for that.

To resolve it one needs to remove the MX records and then setup the Mail forwarding - but not actually setting it up. There will be a button about “Skip Setup” or similiar and that brings you to a page that shows you misconfigured your Domain and you need to configure MX / SPF records, etc. Here you can click the magic button of “Just configure it for me” and it will activate the E-Mail Routing.

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