E-mail routing e-mails without custom adderess


I have a working domain with multiple user using e-mails on this domain.
If I were to enable e-mail routing on this domain without setting up any custom addresses what would then happen?
My guess is either:
1: All emails are blocked or catched by “Catch all” if enabled
2: The routing engine is saying no custom address, I forward 1:1.

I expect number 1 to happen, so my question is then is number 2 achievable?
Or would you have to/is it possible to create a custom rule [email protected][email protected] or will that create a loop?

Regards Lars

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Enabling Cloudflare Email Routing on a domain that already has existing working email will be disruptive to the current email setup. It will cause failures as you have already surmised.

Cloudflare Email Routing is a basic email forwarding service that can redirect incoming mail to a mailbox at another domain. You cannot use it with another domain email service. If you already have functional domain email, it is best to not enable Cloudflare Email Routing.

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