E-mail route - Richpanel plataform

I created an email route from my domain to a partner that use the Richpanel plataform. They are receving the e-mails in your mailboxes, but they are not receving the e-mails in the Richpanel plataform. I’m suspecting that is some configuration missing on the side of Richpanel. But they are with difficult to solve it. Has anyone gone through something similar?

Have you set more than one destination address to the custom address? If so, Email Routing will only process the most recent rule. This means only the most recent pair of custom address and destination address (rule) will receive your forwarded emails.
Read the doc:

If not, it can be issue in richpanel platform. Make a configuration to receive the email. That’s done!

I set only one destination address, and it’s receving the emails normaly. I also think it might be a problem on the richpanel platform.

If that’s the case, there’s no issue in reception of emails.

Here, you’ll have to create a configuration for incoming emails. You may be required to use IMAP for this purpose if that’s allowed or through other available feature. That’ll solve your issue.

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