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Hello, as of yesterday my mail system is not working, no mail is arriving, everything was perfect until now, and I have not changed anything. So since I’ve been using the service everything has been perfect, everything has been working fine, but now something has happened because I’m not getting the mail.

I have contacted my hosting provider, but they can’t help me because I am using CloudFlare’s service, so the mail is with you… (according to them)

Please very kindly help me to resolve this so I can get emails again. It is important for my work.

I am grateful for your help!

That should be an easy one.
Turn Proxy (:orange:) off to DNS Only (:grey:) for all A & AAAA entries which are related to Mail:

  1. mail.gainmoredigital.com
  2. autodiscover.gainmoredigital.com
  3. autoconfig.gainmoredigital.com

thats it

Also you could create a CNAME instead of a A-Entry for mail.gainmoredigital.com, then also IPv6 applies for this Entry.
Same for kiszervezett.gainmoredigital.com

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I don’t know what happened… because everything was really perfect so far.

@M4rt1n already addressed the email issue. The other thing is that you neither have a valid certificate on your server nor a secure encryption mode on Cloudflare. But that’s something you need to clarify with your host, the search will also have lots on that topic.

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