E-mail not working in Gmail

Hi all,
days ago I disabled Proxy for the A record Mail and I was able to come back to use Gmail with my email addresses.

Today, getting the same error in Gmail, I came back to check the DNS settings here in CloudFlare and the Proxy tool still activated.

Is there a way to keep it disabled? Do I need a different settings in Gmail?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, A mail record should be set to :grey: (DNS-only) to make sure your e-mail works properly (and the MX record pointed to that A mail hostname):

Kind of a strange behaviour why it “switched back” to :orange: (proxy).

But did you click on the “Save” button to apply the changes? Or maybe it was some Web browser/JavaScript issue in between this process.

May I ask is your domain/website maybe managed by some 3rd-party integration, like for example if running eZoic ads or something other?

Check cloudflare audit log

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Hi @fritex,
thanks for your help.

Sure, I saved after the change and yes, I am using Ezoic.

This is my DNS setup:


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From your screenshot, I assume that could be the reason why your A mail record switched back to the :orange:.

There were topics lately as similar as yours like “record deleted” or “record switched to old value” for the customers having some errors or issues with eZoic.

One recent here:

Kindly, please log into the eZoic interface with your eZoic account and then find the DNS management tab and make the change you need to for your A mail record from there.

This also applies for any further changes you need to make.

Otherwise, if you change something at Cloudflare dashboard, but not through the eZoic interface, it will be reverted back to originals (there were few topics about where people have had changed or added a new or existing DNS record and it was removed somehow without a notice ) - which seems to be your case too.

Some other topics about eZoic questions/issues could be found here at Cloudflare Community by using :search::

And for any other issues, I am afraid you will have to look at eZoic Help Center too and ask eZoic Support for assistance in case if needed:

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Setting changed in Ezoic as well.

Thanks for you suggestion @fritex, I really appreciate it.

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