E-mail no longer forwarding, although no changes

E-mails to my domain(s) are no longer forwarding (some go to gmail and some to hotmail), although they had been working fine for weeks. I have not changed any of the DNS settings on CloudFlare for a long while (months).

I’m following up with my hosting provider, who hasn’t noticed any issues on their end, but I wanted to see if CloudFlare has done any changes in this area lately, as I know they’re now offering e-mail forwarding as well. I’m NOT currently using such features from CloudFlare though.

Here’s some DNS info, with much redacted…

Your ‘mail’ hostname should be :grey: DNS Only.


But if it has been working for a long time, with it set this way, why would it stop working today?

And it appears to me that it is marked as DNS only. The “10” before it is a priority, which frankly I don’t understand, and I didn’t set (knowingly).

I meant the “A” record for ‘mail’. It should be :grey:. MX records don’t have a choice.

This didn’t seem to help. I made this change:

And let it be for a while, and still not happening.

You should ask your mail host to help trace this. As it’s DNS Only, Cloudflare is not involved in processing mail. If you want more specific advice, please post your domain name.

I’ll work with my host provider. Thanks for suggestions. I’m just a bit leery of posting domain stuff to a forum. Might become necessary to be slightly less cautious.

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FYI, the issue was a spam filter that was clogging up the works, slowing down all e-mail forwards from getting through. So, not a DNS issue after all.


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