E-mail MX record settings. 1 addres work the other 1 don't

I have a domain that I have 2 email accounts.
This domain is using Cloudflare DNS and had Hostinger’s MX record (hosting) and both accounts worked normally to send and receive emails.
Email accounts are linked to hosting.

Yet Cloudflare’s system flags that I need to change to the MX record for: route1.mx.Cloudflare .net (2 and 3, too).

Upon accepting the suggestions, one of the email accounts stops working and I get the server message “550 5.1.1 Address does not exist. BaGkMi5xbSMw” every time I send an email to one of the email addresses.

I would really like to use the optimized settings suggested by Cloudflare as I noticed that this way emails have better receptivity and are less flagged as Spam.
Any configuration suggestions that would make the 2 email addresses work, or any better clues as to where the problem might be?

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The Cloudflare MX hostnames are use with Cloudflare Email Routing which is s forwarding service for those who do not have domain email running on a mailserver. You indicated thar you already have domain email with Hostinger. You should be using their MX records and not those of Cloudflare Email Routing.

Your explanation is very enlightening.
I kept getting Cloudflare’s suggestion to do the logs and figured it would be the best option to have more optimized settings.

I will go back to the previous settings.
Thank you very much.

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