E-Mail forwarding not working, even though dashboard says they were forwarded

Hi, I am sorry to ask this question for the millionth time, but none of my searches on this forum or on google lead to any results.

I try to use SendGrid to send emails with my django application (hosted on heroku) via SMTP, and set up an email address for my domain that recieves emails and forwards them to my private gmail address. Sending emails with the application works fine. But when I want to reply to them, they do not arrive at my gmail address. In the Cloudflare Email dashboard it is mentioned that the emails were forwarded though :man_shrugging:.

This is my DNS configuration:

What I am trying to do is basically something like shown in this youtube video using sendinblue, but I don’t see why this should be a SendGrid problem. (I didn’t try it with sendinblue though)
Does this have something to do with my DNS records?

Sorry if my post is inappropriate, I am a beginner and still trying to understand some core concepts and I don’t know how to troubleshoot this kind of problems. Any hint would be much appreciated.

Update: Emails are not in spam.

And this is what my Email Dashboard is showing:

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