E-commerce App Dynamic url Content Caching Requirement

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Is it possible cache our e-commerce website’s (Oracle ATG based application) dynamic url/content with cloudflare caching system? If that’s possible should we need to setup something specially for having this feature with Cloudflare? Is this possible or availble with free tier account?


You can cache any URL. Whether that’s a good idea or not is something else. What’s a sample URL you’d like to cache?

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Here you go:



By default, Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML, but you probably know that. And “Standard” caching (for static files) will match for exact query strings.

You can set up a Page Rule to “Cache Everything” and that will start caching those pages.

The catch is that E-commerce sites usually have a shopping cart and maybe some other user-specific info on a screen. If you cache that page when a logged in visitor hits it, Cloudflare will cache everything on the screen, including their Shopping cart item count.

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Also the URL patterns will be different based on the product search of a particular user on the application.

Actually the main concerns are to speed up the site and reduce the cost of Oracle ATG license (which is based on hits to the application).


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Is it possible to do cookies based caching with Cloudflare CDN?
And also is it possible to reduce Oracle ATG license cost (based on number of hits to the application) by using the CDN service?


Cloudflare Business plan supports cache bypass based on cookies but not cache based on cookies. Cloudflare Enterprise plan allows cache purge by tags https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169246#h_6d756ac9-c476-45e8-a5d4-e2a6e45d9dc7 for finer grain control.

Cloudflare cache certain static content https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172516-Which-file-extensions-does-Cloudflare-cache-for-static-content- but not dynamic/static generated html itself by default.

But you can tell Cloudflare to cache dynamic/static generated html content to some extent depending on Cloudflare plan you’re on via cache everything page rule but have to be careful to only do this for static html content and not dynamic html content (otherwise you would cache private logged in user content).

Additionally, if you know javascript you could leverage Cloudflare Workers for more advanced caching that can replicate what CF Business plan does for bypass cache on cookie feature.

Thanks Eva for the update!

Our main and actual goal is to reduce the Oracle ATG license cost by implementing the CDN or caching system with the production application.
We are getting so much BOT requests or calls for a particular URL k\on the prod app.
By implementing the CDN and caching that particular URL ( Setting UP Page Rules For Caching the BOT URL) can avoid direct hit to the application, right?

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Might want to contact Cloudflare support to see if there’s other things you can do to reduce attack vectors. Maybe able to also leverage Cloudflare Firewall Rules too

Thanks Eva for the update!

Actually we have already blocked unwanted bots in the server level itself. However we are getting thousands of requests from the expected BOTs (google and Apple bots) that’s okay.
Our main and actual goal is to reduce the Oracle ATG license cost by implementing the CDN or caching system with the production e-commerce application. Is there any help regarding the same?


Thanks Eva for the update!

I have already opened a support ticket regarding the question about saving license cost (Oracle ATG). Thanks for your help and support so far.

Jino Josy P.

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