Dynamic Update Clients - Determining when last Update was Sent


I’m using a variety of dynamic update clients to update the cloudflare records:

  1. DNS-o-matic (via FreeNAS plugin)
  2. DNS-o-matic (via pfSense plugin)
  3. Cloudflare dynamic plugin (pfsense).

Is there anywhere on the cloudflare website where I can debug when the last update request for the A record was sent?

Check the audit log for your user account. Any API changes will have Interface API


I checked the audit logs – honestly I couldn’t find anything regarding attempting to update IP address. A bunch of entries were in the logs but they either pertained to DNS record changes — or acme/certbot challenge requests which were due to updating SSL certs.

Hmm, no updates on this issue?

Just double checked and it looks like the audit logs don’t have what was updated.

Any other method you would suggest?

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