Dynamic Redirects Feedback

Thanks for all the new custom rules types! There are a few issues I’ve run across with Dynamic Redirects, and some other feedback I have.

Dynamic Redirects need more validation on the URL Redirection Target.

Currently, if you set the Redirection URL Target to just a slash, you might expect the behavior to just go to the root of your website (example.com/). That behavior is expected, as it is the current behavior of page rules. Instead, it makes any requests that match that redirect completely error out:
Screenshot of Rule:
Rule on URL: https://chaika.me/500 (has Custom Error Page)
If you also set the redirection to a website without a protocol, it gives a similar error:
Rule: https://i.imgur.com/sCtlAwW.png
URL: https://chaika.me/withoutprotocol

There is also no option for the 308 status code, even though 307 exists. Not sure if there is a specific reason for this, or if it was just forgotten.

Thanks for your time!

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Thanks for taking the time to write this - appreciate it!

The 308 is an oversight, i apologise for that. It appears we added 303 for some reason instead of 308.

I’ve fed back to the engineering team about better validation, we’ll see what we can do to make this experience better.


Quick update here - 308’s are now available via API/UI. Apologies again!


It would be very nice if the Known Bots option is added to the options.