Dynamic Redirects beta

Hi i used Dynamic Redirects beta feature even tho I delete the rule but it still ON can anyone please help me to fix the issue.

Your browser may have cached the redirect, esp. if you used a 301. Try another browser or incognito mode and see how you get on. It’s a pretty common issue but you should feel safe with the knowledge it isn’t happening for people who didn’t visit the site whilst the rule was in place.

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i checked on all the browsers , actually i use Dynamic Redirects and

“[https: //www. amazeguides .com/wp-login.php]” add country does not equal to pakistan.
and redirect to home page “amazeguides . com”

so i checked this url is opening on ip address of Pakistan but when i used vpn and access it from usa servers, it’s redirect to “amazeguides . com”, and then i off the rule and even delete it but, same thing is happening means the rule is still on, but on my dashboard on section of Dynamic Redirects, it’s not there (deleted)

ok you was right i used incognito , nice thank you for increase my knowledge. have a great day :slight_smile:

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