Dynamic Redirect URL Forwarding

Hi all,

I am trying to forward one subdomain to another:
abc. domainA. com
efg. domainA. com

All queries, strings, etc. has to remain in place. I could not make it work with a Page Rule, Transform (URL Rewrite - static) Rule, or Bulk Redirect.

I have been told by CF tech support that the answer is Dynamic Redirects. It’s easy enough to set up the dynamic rule, I just wonder if I’m missing a parameter or variable in the config.

Hostname equals abc. domainA. com
Static https: //efg. domainA. com | status code 301
checked = preserve query string

If I navigate to abc. domainA. com it successfully redirects to https ://efg. domainA. com.’
But if I navigate to abc. domainA. com/Products’ or abc. domainA. com/Reports’ or anything else, it goes to abc. domainA. com.