Dynamic Redirect to Subdomain in Redirect Rule

Using Redirect Rule I want to dynamically redirect all US visitors to https://us.domain.com from https://www.domain.com
Please share the target expression.

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Hello Asif!

It is really simple to do this withing Cloudflare.

Just go to your Website on the Cloudflare Dashboard, then go to β€œRules” and β€œRedirect Rule” on your left menu.

From there, set a Custom Filter Expression for checking this values:

  • Field = Country;
  • Operator = Equals;
  • Value = United States (or whatever you need).

Set the Redirect Type as Dynamic and use this expression (which actually concatenates your desired FQDN us.domain.com with the path requested by the client):

concat("https://us.domain.com", http.request.uri.path)

If you’re using them, please consider to flag the Preserve Query String option.

Tried this earlier.
Tested with Speed/Observatory.
Error occurred as below
β€œIt might have failed because your test URL
was redirected to a different domain.”