Dynamic ISP WAN & DNS Entries for single website

Hi Team,

THE BIG PICTURE Bit of a Networking novice here - but i’ve worked in IT for 11 years but primarily from a user support and hardware build/deployment perspective with flavours in data recovery for clients, malware hardening etc. & SME Tech for most of that. Networking isn’t my strong suit.

But I have created my own VPS on my home server which is a peacemeal server of 2x PSU’s, tyan s7002 mobo with twin xeons and 64GB of ram. On that is Server 2016 running a number of VM’s. The website inquestion runs off a Ubuntu server VM on the machine.
That site is BMSworld.NZ

ISP: Vodafone FibreX WAN (FTTN, then COAX lastmile to DEMARC) / ONT similar device in the home.
Router: Edgerouter lite ER-x
Switch: Cisco business something (about 9 years old, still GB)

WAN regularly goes down, approx every 3 weeks or less, requiring a reboot. EXT IP changes as lease is dynamic.
Single FW port opened from EXT WAN to LAN > Ubuntu VM
On every occurrence, I have to discover my ETX IP, log-in to CloudFlare and update the record and wait for worldwide DNS propagation for clients to see my site again.

ISP won’t hand me a static WAN IP.
Are there any advanced methods to keep the dns name pointing at the correct origin ip of my actual webserver?

Sorry for the long first post - I believe in information. Any information harvested from the situation should be handed over in full, for ultimite reader clarity.

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